Ground Water Studies

The "Ground Water Studies" module for grades 6-9 teaches students basic earth science concepts through the exploration of ground water - the largest accessible and most valuable source of fresh water on earth.

The hands-on student activities use real data from industry and government agencies, and follow a problem-solving approach. In addition, the module integrates science, mathematics, geography, and economics, as well as social and environmental issues, into a topic that is rarely addressed in most K- 12 curricula.

Students learn about this relevant water source through the teacher resource kit which includes:

  • plastic ground water models
  • aquifer maps
  • water use posters
  • groundwater video
  • and water information brochures.

Teachers are able to obtain the curriculum notebook for the "Ground Water Studies" module by attending a teacher training workshop. The notebook provides the necessary scientific background for the teachers to successfully teach the module to their students and relevant hands-on activities.

In addition, (when available), a local field trip to a water well drilling site, monitoring well, water treatment plant, and/or contaminated ground water site gives the teachers a real-world look at an issue related to water.

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